Make a Statement: 5 Home Architectural Styles

By Linsey Stonchus

From contemporary designs to charming classics, a preferred home style says a lot about a homeowners’ sense of style. We compare various home styles, including everything from craftsman to pueblo.


Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom | £8,000,000

English Country style homes are a little more ambiguous in terms of their definition when compared to others on the list, with its major requirement being that it’s a house on the English countryside. With some of the buildings on this lot dating back to the 18th century, this historic estate boasts plentiful charm, delightful views, courtyards, gardens, red brick and French windows. Web ID: IAFN


Toronto, Ontario, Canada | C $6,695,000

Contemporary style homes are also slightly difficult to define, as its standards are constantly evolving. Modern architecture was originally popularized between the 1920s and the 1950s and embraced clean lines and minimalism. Contemporary style maintains these principles, but consistently adjusts to fit the trends of the 21st century. Three major characteristics of Contemporary style can be found on this particular structure – the use of geometric shapes, large windows and a mix of materials on the exterior. Web ID: TKPX


Bellaire, Texas, USA | US $4,395,000

A style created by the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Prairie style homes involve several key characteristics, exhibited by this Texas home, including low horizontal exterior configurations, a slated roof that overhangs and ribbon windows. Additional details include Norman brick on the exterior and chandeliers and light fixtures crafted by hand within the interior. Web ID: FAUJ


Bethesda, Maryland, USA | US $1,474,990

A characteristically American style, Craftsman style homes emerged in the early 20th century as a simple structure built to last. Notable details from this newer build include a covered front porch, columns supporting the overhanging and triangular roof and wide trim surrounding the window and doors. Web ID: PTEG


Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA | US $1,125,000

Tucked into the land and absorbing the surrounding desert beauty, this Pueblo home, popular where its located in Santa Fe, New Mexico displays many distinctive Pueblo design details, including wood beams, brick floors, smooth walls made of natural materials and corbels. Web ID: LRPR

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