Luxury Lifestyles: 5 Ways To Organize Your Space

By Linsey Stonchus

You’re spending more time at home than ever before, so it’s vital to ensure it’s comfortable. We’ve identified 5 ways to organize your home – from simplifying your daily routine to empowering your children to participate in the effort.

1. Become Tech-Savvy

Smart home technology may not keep you organized visually, but it will mentally. We have the capability to automate a multitude of our home’s functions. The above Texas estate, for example, automates its surrounding environment with a Sonos sound system, Lutron lighting and Ecobee thermos controls. It also features a number of other energy-efficient capabilities, which will be as good for your wallet as it will be for the environment. 

2. Keep Flat Surfaces As Clear As Possible

It’s much easier to keep spaces clean that are already, well, clean. A couple pieces of mail or some spare pens can quickly turn a clean space into a cluttered one as other miscellaneous items accumulate. Doing a quick sweep of surfaces daily or whenever you leave a room can create momentum to stay organized. 

3. Empower The Kids

Organizing isn’t limited to the adults. Establish healthy habits young by creating beautiful and fun play and study spaces – and ensuring that they’re easy to keep clean. In such inviting and imaginative spaces, it’ll be easy to teach your young ones to participate. Bonus: you’ll be responsible for less clean-up. 

4. Organize Your Hobby

Whether it’s woodwork or arts & crafts, it’s meant for your enjoyment – and that free time can be difficult to enjoy in a messy space. Organizing your hobby space will not only keep the environment aesthetically pleasing, but it’ll be much easier to find supplies throughout the process. 

5. Consider Your Daily Routine

Remember your routines when planning the organization of your home. In the mudroom, for example, keys should be readily accessible by the door, as well as frequently used shoes, bags and coats. Anything less frequently used should be tucked away in a nearby closet, like winter coats during summer. 

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