Make A Statement: 4 Must-Have Work From Home Amenities

By Linsey Stonchus

We run through the most desired Work From Home amenities, which include those that are entertainment and wellness related, along with outdoor space, kitchens and offices – all of which will set you up for a stress-reducing and enjoyable stay at home. 


Ocean Club Estates, Bahamas | US $10,900,000

Cooking was on the rise prior to the pandemic, with Millennials and others enjoying experimenting with cuisines and getting crafty with their meals. Due to hesitancy and restrictions related to dining out, this trend has gained even more legs. Accordingly, the right cooking space is of utmost importance, making the hobby run more smoothly than it would in a cramped space with outdated appliances. Web ID: FSJE


Manhattan Beach, California, USA | US $4,399,000

Speaking of unwinding, with entertainment options outside the home limited, some can be reimagined for the home, like an arcade, bar or movie theater. This California estate has a fun and sleek game room and bar, as well as a cozy and darkened room to enjoy the latest films, or even Netflix binge. Virtually any of your favorite entertainment activities can become personalized amenities. Web ID: ZINH


Summit, New Jersey, USA | US $4,100,000

Of course, one of the most important amenities is a home office as Zoom calls are much too difficult in common areas – can you imagine the above as your backdrop? Stylish, spacious and neat, this office is ideal for anyone looking to remain focused for work. It’ll get great use, too, as remote work is a trend that’s here to stay, even post-COVID. Web ID: TWPI


Washington, DC, USA | US $1,995,000

Outdoor space enhances mental and physical well-being, and gives us a reprieve from being shut inside so much. Even the most urban areas, like Washington, DC, can find outdoor space in the form of balconies and rooftop decks – and this property includes both! Consider adding some plants or a small garden to allow you to feel further connected to nature. Web ID: VLKF