Wellness Amenities in Berlin

By, Linsey Stonchus

As overall wellness is prioritized among luxury consumers, we’ve seen an increasing number of homes with fitness and spa amenities. This neoclassical style estate in Berlin features an indoor pool and spa, along with fitness room and sauna. Health and well-being can also be maintained with outdoor activities just steps from the property, as it is located within the exclusive Grunewald area, encompassed by an impressive forest and nearby water.

Its incredible location of Grunewald means numerous forest and waterfront activities. Stroll the path along the passing river, or visit its beaches for a swim. For the particularly adventurous, hike the higher elevation of the forest which includes the Drachenberg mountain peak.

Within the home, peak physical performance can be achieved within a grand and spacious room featuring a magnificent pool. Alternatively, residents may build strength in the exercise room, equipped with machines for any goal sets.

Unwind from physical activity in either the massage room or spa. Massages are proven to being both physically and mentally beneficial in that they release muscle tension and improve sleep function while also reduce stress and helping to treat a number of mental disorders. Spas often show to have similar benefits as well.


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